Buadhach Aodhailill ap Fiona

A Character in Dreamer's Ball, Changeling: the Dreaming

Character Overview

Character: Buadhach Aodhailill ap Fiona
Concept: A Maker Giant
Player: Evan "JabberWokky" Edwards
Pronounced: BOO ach * AWD AL yil
Meaning: "Victorious Fire Elf" (among early Celt)
Kith: Giant (Seelie Troll)


There are many who say the world is losing the light it once had. This is but a symptom; it is Justice that is being lost to the world. Our kind fades not because the world forgets us, but rather because we forget ourselves and the thing that makes us who we are: our Word.

"In the Beginning was the Word" say the mortal preachers, and we (both Kithain and specifically our Kith) date to the origin of time when Oaths were the rocks we stood on and made reality firm.

Buadhach is a philosophical troll. His upbringing has been close to the dreaming and he has skirted Bedlam many times in his life.


Hearts of flame and swords of steel
when we enter a battle we never yield
Honor and glory and a warrior's soul
and bloodstains on our battlefield


Born Lammas Day, 1971 to Dawn Aodhailill of Apolonia.

Growing up as a child in rural Texas, Buadhach was very familiar with his heritage. His mother, a Saytr, was involved in the Texas Renaissance Festival, one of the earliest Renn Faires in the country. In the country, his imagination was allowed free reign, and it came as no surprise (although as quite a bit of relief) when at the age of fourteen, sitting in the wooden "castle" he had built with his own hands, banality slipped and his fae nature emerged.

Growing up in close proximity to the TRF gave Buadhach a strong upbringing in classic, although somewhat cliquish fae life. Baron Jonquil, nominal leader of the fae in the area, ran a very relaxed court. After the Festival closed each night, there would be a large bonfire and the sounds of music, laughter and 'those damn bagpipes' would fill the air. Baud would firewalk, sing in a deep throaty voice and

Early on, even before his Chrysalis, Buad learned the basics of armed combat. There was no short supply of people to learn from, both mortal and fae, so when his Troll nature was revealed, he was quickly squired, his patron Knight glad to have the hard working youth under him.

By 1999, Baron Jonquil was getting quite long in the tooth. His wits were sharp under his grey hair, and knew when he saw Buad show up, somber and pensive, he knew what had happened. Buad's mother had stopped showing up to the wild parties that marked Baron Jonquil's reign, and when a Saytr stops showing up to parties, it is only a matter of time before they depart.

Partially in order to move the trustworthy Baud toward a central position in his court, the Baron decided on a quest - one that would culminate in Baud's Knighthood. Stories of sunwater had been told in tales for years - a vial of the glimmer of sunlight on running water. It was said to give a decade of life to any fae who drank of it. The aging Baron gathered up the details, including a few specifics on a forgotten trod from a passing Eshu, and gave Buad his greatest quest.

As Baud moved down the trod, he found that he was quite popular... more so than before. Finally on a Quest of Duty, he shone with a quality that seemed to attract all manner of creature (Chimerical Magnet).

While his quest was nominally successful, and he did deliver the vial of sunwater to the Baron, his knighting ceremony had to wait over six months as he recovered from his terrible wounds. On the way back home, he had encountered a terrible pack of huge beasts, black and twisted and covered in matted, rotting hair. Not only had his entire body been covered with wounds, two rippling scars showed where a claw had barely missed his right eye.

The quest had not produced the desired result for the Baron, who had hoped to have Baud stand as a stalwart member of court. Instead, the quest had made Baud somewhat bitter and fed up with fae life. What he told nobody about was one small fact - the black creatures that had so terribly wounded him spoke a name: the name of the Eshu who had known of the trod.

Keeping his word, Baron Jonquil knighted Baud, who, after recuperating for a further six months, decided to pack up and move. In the Festival, he had helped build several of the permanent structures, and worked for nearly a year in Utah as a demo and carpenter. Moving on, he continued west toward Turtle Cove, arriving in late 2001 and picking up a job as a carpenter.

Current Activities

Buadhach is, to moral eyes, a large and tall union carpenter who has a pair of terrible scars on his face. He is well known on the street as somebody who can help out victims in distress.

Tall and lean, his mortal seeming is that of a sandy haired fellow with a scruffy beard. He has long straight dirty blond hair that he keeps in a ponytail. His face is marked by two old but large scars, one crossing over his right eye. He wears worn work clothes, denim or flannel shirts over jeans, heavy brown leather steel toed boots. He sometimes wears a tool belt with a few carpentry tools including a hammer.

His fae seeming is that of an only slightly taller, but much more heavily built Giant. He has dark, nearly black hair that he wears loose. His face is marked by two angry scars that have a black look to them - they twist across his face and over his right eye and appear to almost be fresh at times. He wears warrior's garb in heraldic colors of red and yellow, armor carefully polished and clothes meticulously clean. A strap at his hip sometimes holds a tankard and a single bitted war ax with a hammer on the obverse.

Mundane Life - Work

Buadhach is known simply as Boo to his coworkers, who are currently the sum of his circle of friends. It is also how he generally introduces himself to mortals in his day to day life.

His home is a very spartan single room efficiency, clean as most Giants keep their homes. Very simple furniture, and not many pieces. It contains a small bookcase with a few well worn books by L. Frank Baum and a handful of works on swordfighting and other western martial arts. The latter have neat paragraphs of notes in the margins and a set of bookmarks for quick access to certain pages.

He currently works for 3 Cats Construction [#cats]_, a home and office construction company. He does carpentry, plus a little light demolition and drywall work at various locations in Turtle Cove and Carmel. He has worked there for a little over three years, and has impressed his supervisor with his clean, reliable work (typically troll-like, although his super knows nothing of the Kithain).

Work Address

      3 Cats Construction
      (831) 624-3383
      3529 Turnbull Ct
      Turtle Cove, CA 93923

Please note that this is a real company, a fake address, and I have no idea who they are. They are listed as a construction company in Carmel, and as such, seem to fit the bill for where Buadhach might work (and have the right area and zip code).

Mundane Life - Duty

Baud volunteers four nights a week teaching basic martial arts to the poor (two nights a week) and self defense to women (two nights a week). These classes have earned him a reputation as a good, solid individual to go to when you need help, and someone worthy of doing favors for (Street).

Recreation and Relations

Baud is a hard working blue collar man. Every day after work, he goes to the Briar Patch Bar in Turtle Cove and sits at the bar for a few hours. There is a certain bittersweet glamour in bars, the kind sung about by Billy Joel in *Piano Man*, and he nurses it along with his beers. He talks to the other patrons, often sitting with Turtle Cove's finest who frequent the bar after hours. The police see him as a fine fellow, some see him as a friend. They know how many times he has spoken to victims of domestic abuse and convinced them to press charges.

He's helped them out in keeping the city a little bit safer, and they know that his classes are specifically aimed at helping the victims of the area defend themselves. A few police have even showed up to a class or two, although none attends (after all, why learn how to streetfight when you have a gun and a badge).


Other Notes

True name: Ealadhadubhghlas: AL a ha DU las "dark blue art"